Bionalan Selac


This machine in the front linkage can selective mow weeds in or above crops.

When selective mowing, the blades rotate at a low speed. This allows flexible plants such as grasses and grains to bend in leaf stage between the blade and frame when mowing. All plants with a thicker structure, bud or flower do not bend far enough and are mowed off. When the speed is increased, the machine can also be used to completely mow off weeds.

The basic models are equipped with hydraulic motors with rotors mounted on them. The knives are mounted on the rotor. In some cases the outer rotors are slightly wider to achieve the (custom) working widths.

The optional hydraulic unit ensures that you always have enough hydraulic oil. The oil cooler also ensures that the oil remains at the correct temperature. The unit has a PTO driven hydraulic pump, with overpressure protection.

The optional control console has all the functions required. This allows you to control the height of the lifting cylinder, the top cylinder and the left/right correction cylinder. The machine can also be switched on and off with this.

Folding and unfolding is done with tractor hydraulics.

The Bionalan Selac is available as standard in the following working widths:

4.4 meters
6.6 meters
8.8 meters
9 meters
11 meters
12.4 meters
13.2 meters
14.5 meters

Bionalan Selac in action