Bionalan Selac


The Selac is equipped with hydraulic motors on every rotating knife. Occasionally the outer rotors are wider to achieve the needed working width.

All machines are equipped with front linkage.

The optional hydraulic unit provides you with extra oil capacity if needed. An oil cooler keeps the oil at the right temperature. This unit is driven by the tractor PTO and has a hydraulic pump with safety valves.

The optional operating consoles provide you with all the functions needed. With this the height, the top cylinder, and left- right- height adjustments can be easily made. The machine can be switched on or off also.

Folding for transport works on the tractor hydraulics.

The safety wheels can be manually deployed.

The Bionalan Selac is available in the following working widths:

* 4,40 meter
* 6,60 meter
* 8,80 meter
* 11,00 meter
* 13,20 meter

Bionalan Selac in action