Gothia Cameleon


This multifunctional machine is suitable for every farmer that is focussing on sustainable farming, regenerative farming, mechanical weedcontrol, cover crops and minimum tillage. Needless to say; this is almost every farmer. With this versatile machine you can seed wide, or in a row and multiple products at the same time. Use it for harrowing, hoeing and fertilizing. In-row fertilizing is also an option. Liquid and palletized fertilizer is possible.

Working widths of 4, 6, 8 and 9 meter.

Cameleon is the perfect name for this machine. Is has the abbillity to adapt on every circumstance or demand. It is easy to change the machine for different applications throughout the season.

There is a hitched and trailed machine available. Differend seeding tanks that are easy to change. It is possible to lift separate hoeing elements during the job. Equip the machine with tine-harrows. Or even expand the possibilitys with GPS and/or a smart camera system.

Watch the video for al the different appearances of the Cameleon.

Information video