Couch Grass Killer


With the CMN Couch Grass Killer from CMN you can get rid of couch grass, peat root, grassland and, for example, cover crops.

The CMN Couch Grass Killer is available in various versions and working widths. On all machines, the rotor is protected with a freewheel and an automatic clutch that cuts out when the machine is overloaded. All rotor tines are equipped with shear bolts.

The cultivator contains 48 cm wide tines that ensure that the soil is cut loose and flat. The rotor rotating slowly against the direction of travel and ensures that the organic material is exposed and dried out. The combination of the slow moving rotor and the high density of the soil ensures that soil and stones pass under the rotor.

The machine is available in the following working widths

2 meters
3 meters
4 meters
6 meters

Available versions:

Loose rotor or with cultivator
Carried or drawn
With or without seeding installation.

Another bonus: if a rotor tine breaks, you get a new one for free.