Flex Weeder


The Flex-Weeder is the full field weeder of CMN Maskintec A/S. This harrow can be used in many crops and is designed to have a lot of capacity at speeds of up to 18 km/h. This is achievable due to the design of the spring tines, which are straight. This limits hooking and vibration of the tines and allows the harrow to increase speed. The tines are standard 550 mm long, so that weeding can be carried out in large crops up to 40 cm. Optional tines of 750 mm are also available.

Because the tooth angle is adjustable from 45 to 90 degrees, the aggressiveness can be well adjusted. Because the tines are upright in the machine at 90 degrees, they can easily give way to the main crop. This, together with the adjustable support wheels, allows you to properly adjust the depth.

The machine is standard equipped with spindle adjustment for the angle of the teeth. With the option CMN Tine-Flow this can be operated hydraulically from the tractor cabin. Tine-Flow can be expanded with CMN Intelligent-Flow. This automatically steers the oil cylinders to maintain the specified tooth angle. This prevents a depth change when the ground conditions changes.

The CMN Flex-Weeder is available in the following working widths:

2 meters
3 meters
4 meters
4.5 meters
5 meters
6 meters
7 meters
8 meters
9 meters
10 meters
12 meters

Optionally, the CMN Flex Weeder is also available with a Pneumatic seeder, for example for undersowing or overseeding.