The Star Cleaner is the rotary full field weeder from CMN Maskintec a/s. With this simple machine you can, among other things, effectively weed, break crusts and aerate with a reasonable capacity. For example, with young crops at 8 km/h and larger better rooted crops at 20 km/h

Thanks to the running wheels, there is no dragging materials because of, for example, crop residues, cover crops, anti-dust such as barley or under sowing.

Crops in which this machine can be used include grains, grasses, beets, beans, potatoes and chives.

The CMN Star Cleaner is available in the following working widths:

3 meters
4 meters
6 meters
8 meters
9 meters
10 meters
12 meters

Optionally, the CMN Star Cleaner is also available with a Pneumatic seeder, for example for undersowing or overseeding.