This revolutionary machine is invented by Jonas Carlsson from Sweden. He is an organic farmer who, like many others, had a thistle problem in grains. Nowadays the CombCut is also used in many other crops, fighting different problems;

* Thistles and other weeds in grains
* Before harvest. Above the canopy of the crop.
* Thistles and other weeds in grass.
* ‘Wild’ potato’s, and other recovering vegetables
* Seed heads in beets
* Large weeds above the canopy of multiple crops

Flexible plants like grains and grass, will bend when they are combed. This let’s them escape the sharp knives. Other plants that are thicker, or less flexible will be cut, or seriously damaged.

The knives are static. They are combing through the crop in the driving direction. The opening, and the angle of the knives is adjustable.

The function of the rotating brush is to clean the knives.

The CombCut is also used to mow different weeds above the canopy of a crop.

All machines are equipped with front and rear linkage.

CombCut is available in different working widths;

* 2.80 meter
* 6.24 meter
* 9.26 meter

Information video

CombCut in action