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With Duro France we can deliver machines that fit into our strategy of minimum tillage, direct seeding, combining your jobs and so make your working day more efficient and sustainable.

With the Duro front-tank we can expand the functionality of your soil preparation machine to a fertilizing and or seeding function. With the stainless steel tank and distribution kit we can seed multiple crops and/or fertilizer. And distribute these to the front and/or rear machine simultaniously.

With the Duro ripper or decompactor we offer a solution to improve the moist regulation of your soils and decompact the deeper soil. Decompacting the tramlines and tracks is also a beneficial element of the growth of your crops. This tool fits in the minumum tillage progress after the harvest or before seeding the new crop.

With the Strip-till you can supplement your seeding equipment with a direct seeding function. You can also use the Striptill to give nutrients on a prefered depth in the seeding row in combination wit a Duro front tank. This machine is also capable to seed herbs in your grassland.

With this range of heavy disc-harrows you can easily stimulate the regrowth of the harvest remains, and manage the stubble.

Use the EVO or SDI seeders for tine, or disc seeding. Also to be used for (semi)direct seeding. High capacity and low costs.

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