With Eco-Mulch we became specialist for weedcontrol, soil preparation, (direct)seeding techniques, and smaller equipment for horticulture. Eco-Mulch builds a wide range of equipment that fits perfectly in our company portfolio.

A few machines we’d like to give some extra attention:
The Glypho Mulch is the alternative when it comes to weed control. With this machine you can do stubble management, breaking grassland, process your cover crop, and make false seedbeds. By adding the Drill Composant to this machine you can even seed your (cover)crop with the Glupho Mulch.

The GAIA is the allround machine that would fit at any organic farm. This versatile machine can be easilly changed from seeder, to harrow, to burner, to hoe, to electrical driven mower that is able to mow between the rows. This truly is a unique machine in the current market.

Eco Mulch also makes:
Stubble harrows – Magnum / Magnum Drill
Schijven eggen – Combi Crop / Combi Drill
(Front)Seedder tanks – Multi Pro
Seeders – Precis
Distribution ramps – Rampe Frontale
Seeding equipment – Contour Master / TCS Master
Build-on seeders – Drill Composants

For more info:

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