The revolutionary CombCut

This machine is your solution to comb through the crop. Weeds will be cut out, under the canopy of the crop.


Non rotative soil preparation solution.

With minimum tillage you can remove your weeds or crop residues, and leave them to dry out in the field.


Professional weed control machines that pull or mow weeds.
Selac – For selective cutting and mowing weeds or crops
Tig’ Air – Mechanical weed pulling

The Diamond Chain Harrow.
Soil preparation. Stubble management. Cover crop incorporation. Weed control. Seed bed preparation.

With the Moore Unidrill you are able to drill in the most versatile circumstances and soil types.

CMN Maskintec A/S from Denmark produces a full range of products for mechanical weed control on almost all types of agricultural land.

Multifunctional equipment for (under)seeding, fertilizing and weedcontrol.

With Duro France we can deliver machines that fit into our strategy of minimum tillage, direct seeding, combining your jobs and so make your working day more efficient and sustainable.

Automation solutions for several purposes. For Autosteer, 3D excavator systems, lawn mower automation and other robotics; please contact us.

Autosteering kit