Kelly Tillage

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The Kelly Diamond Harrow is an invention of Kelly Engineering. An Australian family business.

This high capacity machine is perfectly suited for shallow soil preparation, cover crop incorporation, residue management, and weedcontrol. The Kelly Diamond Harrow is also the perfect tool for seedbed preparation.

The main frame is equipped with long chaines with discs, spikes or prickles. The machine is pulled forward by the tractor, and needs no PTO or other drive train.

The standard chain (CL1) is suited voor the most common applications. For special applications, or heavy soils the machine can be equipped with different chains with spikes, prickles, or sharp discs.

Minimum tractor power needed for a 6 meter machine with CL1 discs is 120 HP.

The Kelly Diamond Harrow is available in the following working widths;
6 meter

9 meter

Kelly Tillage Discs

CL1 Disc Chain

The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains.

CL2 Disc Chain

Cast Link – A powerful new disc for rough conditions and heavy soils.

Spike Disc Chain

This heavy duty spiked disc chain combines effectiveness with utility.

Prickle Chain

Ideal for levelling and packing soil.