TH wiedeg


The Ecoweeding Tine Harrow TH 12000 is made to remove unwanted weeds out of your crop.
The tines penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 2-3 cm to break up and crumble the upper soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted.
However, the primary focus is on the control of unwanted weeds. 90 % of the weed germs are decimated naturally because they will be pulled out of the soil.

Additional it is also possible to mount a pneumatic seeder on the Tine Harrow.

the aggressiveness or pressure of the teeth on each link of the Tine Harrow is regulated centrally (8 adjustment options), which allows you to adjust the angle of the tines in a fairly large range. By simply adjusting with the lever, you can adjust the sprung teeth for gentle and aggressive handling.

Standard tooth length: 450 mm.
Thickness of teeth: 6 mm (optional), 7 mm (standard), or 8 mm (optional).
Distance between teeth: 2.5 cm.

The harrow has 8 sections of 1,5 meter that are able to adapt themselves perfectly to the surface of the field. Because of that it is even possible to work on hilly field.

The machine has standard warning signs at the back and road lights. With a transport width of 3 meter it is possible to drive legally on the European roads